AES will bring you next generation LED lighting.

Our award-wining luminaires are thoroughly vetted by the Design Lights Consortium and Energy Star. Distribution centers, corporate offices, hospitals, schools, manufacturing facilities, and a range of other entities have benefited from our help transitioning into the coming cycle of lighting technology. The US Department of Energy estimates that by 2020, 80% of businesses will use LED lighting. Don’t let your business get left behind and work with AES to adopt today’s leading lighting technology.

Express LED Lighting Solutions

If you have limited experience working with lights, our Express Lighting Packages will help you quickly and efficiently identify what products will best suit your business’s needs. All the form requires from you is basic information regarding your current lighting setup and usage patterns, as well as your current energy costs. (Our resources page can help you identify any unfamiliar fixtures and their wattages). We can then provide you with a recommended, comprehensive replacement solution that matches or exceeds your current lighting performance.

Bespoke Replacement Solutions

If you know what LED lights you’re looking for, our online tool can help you project future savings on a customized lighting solution. A professional, ROI-driven proposal is instrumental in helping convey your design concepts to your team.


Customers have two payment options when paying for their projects.After determining the total cost of the project, customers may choose to pay in full.Alternatively, many clients opt to work with one of our third party finance groups who specialize in construction, building, and lighting.Our third-party finance option typically allows customers to pay for their LEDs without seeing any increases in total monthly expenditure.Customers work with the third party financiers to determine repayment terms, which typically span 12-48 months.In past projects, our customers’ monthly payments have been equal to or less than the balance of their monthly utilities savings, meaning that they are in the black from the first month onward. Effectively, customers see no change, or positive change, in their monthly expenditure due to the significant cost savings of LED lighting. After 12-48 months, customers see a fully reduced energy bill.
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